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Invest in Perfume Business
Get upto 30% ROI

Invest in Perfume Business
Get upto 30% ROI

Invest in Perfume Business

Parfumix by Investo is a Dubai-based network of retail outlets specializing in custom fragrances.


Our retail outlet network caters to its customers' unique fragrance desires. Do you have a cherished empty bottle of discontinued perfume? Or maybe a favorite shirt with a scent that evokes a special memory? Or you desire a personalized fragrance. We can help!

Our skilled perfumers can recreate a beloved fragrance, match a treasured scent from an empty bottle, or even capture the essence of a lingering aroma on your clothing.

With Parfumix by Investo, your perfect personalized
perfume is just a visit away.

How it works?


Client Invests with
Investo in Parfumix by Investo.

Investo utilizes the funds to increase inventory and
establish new Retails Outlets & Kiosks across Dubai.



The Investor receives the dividends
on his investments as per the agreed terms.

After the contract period, the
Investor receives his capital back



Investment Models.


Invest With
Fixed Returns.



Annual Returns


Fixed Monthly Returns

Dubai Court Agreement

Security Cheque for Capital Security

Company Agreement

Min Investment

AED 200,000





Annual Returns


Equity Shares

ROI Upto 40%


Min Investment

AED 400,000

How do we
secure your Capital?

Legally Binding Agreements

All investments are governed by contracts vetted and approved in collaboration with the Dubai court system. This ensures a strong legal framework upholding investor rights and protections.

Comprehensive Company Agreements

Detailed company agreements further solidify capital security. These agreements clearly define the terms and conditions of investment, providing transparency and outlining investor protections.

Enhanced Financial Safeguards

We utilize security cheques as an additional layer of financial security. This measure offers further peace of mind for our valued investors.


The Fascinating History of Perfume

On the Indian subcontinent, perfume and perfumery existed in the Indus civilization (3300 BC � 1300 BC). In 2003, archaeologists uncovered what are believed to be the world's oldest surviving perfumes in Pyrgos, Cyprus. The perfumes dated back more than 4,000 years.

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