Freehold properties in Dubai | Invest in freehold properties with guaranteed returns




Dubai, the second largest territory of the United Arab Emirates, is becoming increasingly popular with foreigners when it comes to real estate investment. The standard of living, cosmopolitan culture, and subtropical climate are just some of the additional features that make this part of the world one of the most popular destinations for tourists and investors. Recently, the city has become a hot spot in the international real estate market due to its mega developments, large-scale construction projects, and phenomenal architecture.

What exactly is a Freehold Property?

When you buy a freehold property, you (the buyer) are the complete owner of both the unit you are buying and the land on which it is built.

Freehold property in the UAE can be sold, rented, or occupied at the will of the owner. If the owner passes away, his heir can inherit the property to ensure that it remains in the same family.

This is different from buying a leasehold property, where a potential buyer purchases the right to occupy a property from an owner for 99 years (or less). This form of real estate ownership only grants the buyer rights to the unit, not the land on which it is built. But when it comes to condominium ownership, the owner has much more control. Foreign nationals and ex-pats are allowed to purchase real estate in designated freehold areas. These freehold areas in Dubai consist of over 47 neighborhoods.

If you are toying with the idea of buying your own freehold property in Dubai, here are some more reasons that will convince you:
  • When you purchase a freehold property, you have permanent rights to the property and the land.
  • Since you own the property outright, it remains in your family (or is inherited by an heir) after your death.
  • You can sell or rent out your freehold property as you see fit, making it a perfect investment opportunity.
  • Dubai offers a highly regulated property sales process with many protections for investors and simple, hassle-free property transfer procedures. Out-of-state buyers can even complete all the paperwork without ever leaving their home country!
  • Non-residents can obtain mortgage loans from many banks in the UAE for both off-plan properties and finished properties with minimal ongoing costs.
  • Owners of freehold properties and their immediate family members are eligible for renewable UAE residence visas for 2, 5, and 10 years and can even obtain permanent residency.

Below are options for acquiring freehold properties in Dubai. Contact Investo Investments today to discuss your options.