This Dubai based luxury transportation company was established in 2011 and has grown into one of the largest providers of limousine service via the Uber and Careem applications. 
The company has a great reputation and operates not only in the B2C segment but also has strong tie-ups with luxury international hotel groups, banks and other corporations. 

The company offers the opportunity to invest in luxury vehicles that will be operated by its team and will generate stable returns for the investor. The investment size of AED 487,500 which is allocated into 5 luxury vehicles under bank finance. The initial capital is 97,500 per vehicle would cover down payment to the bank, bank application processing fee, traffic registration with RTA, comprehensive auto insurance, RTA deposits, Salik tag, employment package for two drivers per car and limo company start-up processing fee. 

Annual gross revenue before expenses is 1.1 million per year for 5 cars. Annual net profit for the investor after all expenses is between 100 - 125,000 per year for 5 cars. The monthly net profit scales up according to the number of cars requested. The investor gets an additional 10,000 per month for 5 cars from the 4th year until the end of the 5th year once the bank finance has been paid off. 
After the resale of the cars and refunded deposits, the total returns for 5 cars after 5 years is 1,017,500 on the initial investment of AED 487,500. The company secures the returns for investors by providing post-dated cheques for monthly profit. The investment is asset-backed and secured by providing investors with an option to transfer the car ownership to their name. 

The investor can enjoy stable passive returns as the company manages operations of vehicles from A to Z and guarantees profitability.