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Secure your Investments in Commercial Properties with Investo




Secure your Investments in Commercial Properties with Investo

Dubai has witnessed a significant growth rate for years when it comes to commercial property. The first half of 2022 witnessed an 89 percent increase in sales value and a 38 percent increase in units transacted compared to the first half of 2021. The thriving business sector of the Emirate has resulted in a large influx of expatriates seeking a better quality of life in terms of work, amenities, and safety. Such migration has boosted Dubai's skill, talent, and human resource potential, adding to the existing demand for commercial space. Investo Investment LLC, the leading and most trusted investment company in Dubai, has been a pioneer when it comes to commercial property investments. Investo has a diversified portfolio of freehold and leasehold properties. We are providing opportunities for investors in a completed leasehold property located in Muhaisnah, Dubai. 80 percent of the property is rented out to the Dubai government. Investors can make investments with a minimum amount of Dh500,000 and be equity partners for 20 years. The investor receives a 12 percent annual profit on this investment. Commercial land investment, which falls under the freehold category, is also listed with Investo. The locations are Al Quoz, Al Warqa, and Hessa Street. Investing in freehold land makes the investor the title deed holder provided by the Dubai Land Department. Investo provides a capital guarantee and a 10% profit return by leasing the land from the investor and utilizing it for commercial purposes. Investing in freehold property makes foreign investors eligible for a residence visa. Interested investors can visit our website,, and leave a message or Reach out to us at 800 4683786. Our well-versed investment advisors will get in touch with you and guide you to the best investment option that suits your portfolio. Dubai is a global destination and a city that is continuously advancing and offers massive opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors. The new real estate fund law will also help to further capitalize on foreign investments. The truth is, investing in a Dubai property has never been easier or more accessible than it is today.